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BrownBoots’ yearly wrap-up and look ahead


Due to technology’s tireless march forward, no two years are ever the same at a custom website agency. Here’s our review of 2022’s advancements and a preview of improvements for 2023:

Content Management System (CMS)


We kicked off the year with a major update to our easy-to-use CMS. Version 1.6 introduced sweeping enhancements to the proprietary tools we’ve built expressly for banks and credit unions, including the Staff Manager, Form Manager, Locations Manager and Rates Manager.

The rollout of CMS 1.6 also gave us an opportunity to touch base with each and every bank we serve, training website administrators on the new functionality and discovering additional opportunities for future upgrades.


CMS 1.6 was big. The next version promises to be even bigger!

Even as the final days of the year slip away, we’re elbows deep in testing some big changes to our CMS. The upcoming update not only will debut the auto-publishing and unpublishing of website alert messages — a high-demand element according to client feedback — but also will boast a series of features that will give web administrators even more control of their sites.

We’ll share more news about the next CMS iteration in the weeks to come!

Google Analytics


This past spring Google dropped a bombshell: as of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will cease to exist, giving way to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Considering every BrownBoots website included code to feed the leading website traffic-tracking service, we had our work cut out for us!

Since seeing the notification, we’ve worked with clients to create GA4 properties, ensuring that Google Analytics will continue to collect data from every bank website even after Universal Analytics is retired.


Although summer seems like a far-off dream right now, July will be here before we know it. Therefore, BrownBoots continues to dig into the nuances of GA4 and refine our strategy for the upcoming transition.

Post Launch Success Plan


BrownBoots’ continuous improvement strategy got a midyear makeover. Featuring training and collaboration that covers such topics as ADA compliance, click-event tracking, search engine optimization (SEO), technology trends and more, our Post Launch Success Plan gives every new bank website a strong first year of life.

And because Google Analytics isn’t the only option for tracking website traffic, we began integrating our websites with AgencyAnalytics. In addition to managing website data, AgencyAnalytics also collects data from other platforms, including social media accounts, providing professionals with a comprehensive overview of their marketing efforts.


Every new bank website will continue to benefit from a connection to AgencyAnalytics as part of the Post Launch Success Plan. We’re also happy to add this feature to more seasoned sites. If you don’t already have regularly scheduled meetings with BrownBoots for monitoring and managing your website, 2023 is the year to commit to continuous improvement.

Yes, we’re excited for what the new year has in store for our clients — both what we’ve planned and any technological innovations we discover along the way!

Let’s make 2023 amazing together!

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