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Bank Website Design The best bank website stands out for all the right reasons.

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Our philosophy on bank website design

We’ve been working with banks and credit unions for more than a decade. We understand the challenges of the financial industry and have created tools to overcome them. In as few as three months, we can build a bank website that leverages your unique brand, speaks to your customers and accomplishes your goals.

At BrownBoots, we don’t force you to choose from a handful of widely used templates. We specialize in custom websites that engage and deliver. Not only do you have control over the look, feel and functionality of your website, our responsive bank websites are integrated with intuitive content management systems (CMS) so you can manage your own website quickly and easily.

Let’s work together!

Banks love our websites

Our efficient, four-phase website process produces a custom bank website quicker than the competition — in as few as three months.

We don’t force our clients into using predetermined software or applications, and we play nicely with other vendors and service providers.

We specialize in creating unique designs that attract and engage a younger demographic.

Our simple CMS includes industry-specific features, such as the easy-update rates tool and a built-in audit tool, allowing you to manage your own website.

A responsive bank website from BrownBoots is more than just a pretty face. We focus on stats, conversions and calls to action to ensure your website is effective.

Our goal is for your website to never become obsolete. That’s why we create a post-launch website review schedule for continuous improvement.

Unlike many other bank website vendors, BrownBoots is a full-service bank marketing agency, offering SEO (search engine optimization) service, email marketing services, print marketing, branding strategy and more.

Yes, we work with credit unions too!

Our process for creating an amazing bank website

While every client and every project are unique, we follow the same high-level steps, moving from project kickoff to website launch in as few as three months.

Phase 1: Discovery & Planning

In addition to familiarizing ourselves with your brand, we analyze your current website analytics; review competitor websites; and meet with your team to evaluate what works and what doesn’t on your current website, identify primary audiences and determine measurable goals.

With the aforementioned data in hand, we are equipped to develop an overarching site strategy, laying the groundwork for the phases ahead. Any lingering questions about scope and functionality are answered.

Additionally, we start our search engine optimization (SEO) research and SEO analysis. First, we gather any terms that are currently bringing traffic to the site, other terms the site is optimized for, terms your competitors are optimizing for and any other potential keywords based on your services. Then we generate other iterations and evaluate which terms have the greatest potential to drive traffic to your site, creating a “cheat sheet” of SEO recommendations.

Discoveries & Deliverables:

  • Website goals
  • Branding guidelines* / messaging
  • Analysis of your existing website
  • Analysis of competitors’ websites
  • Project schedule
  • Sitemap
  • Content strategy
  • SEO recommendations

*Brand guidelines are either provided by you or developed by BrownBoots, depending on the scope of the project.

Phase 2: Design

During the design process, BrownBoots creates the layouts necessary to convey your brand message and enhance website usability. We create two homepage options. After reviewing the homepage layout, you select one option and provide any edits.

Once a homepage concept is chosen, BrownBoots completes layouts for the mobile homepage, desktop subpages and mobile subpages. If there are any other specific webpages that require layouts, BrownBoots will design those pages at this time. Once the layouts are completed, you review and provide feedback.


  • Homepage concepts
  • Finalized homepage layouts (desktop and mobile)
  • Finalized subpage layouts (desktop and mobile)
  • Other subpage layouts, as needed

Phase 3: Development & Launch

BrownBoots builds the approved website layouts and integrates them into our simple CMS. While templates are being built, we collect or create the content (website copywriting, photography/photo editing, etc.), leveraging SEO recommendations in both the public-facing content and page metadata.

We then insert the content to populate the webpages, and BrownBoots develops any advanced features specified for your website. Once all page edits and advanced functionality are completed, the site is reviewed by BrownBoots and the client.

When the development site is approved, we work with you to create a detailed go-live plan for your new bank website, which includes identifying and adding redirects, determining whether a temporary maintenance page will be needed during launch, running a site-wide link check and adding a Google Analytics annotation. Finally, we push the site live.


  • Working page templates
  • ADA compliant code; scanned throughout build
  • CMS integration
  • Insertion of content
  • Public-ready website for client review
  • Launch plan
  • Google Analytics setup

Phase 4: Website Review

Regularly scheduled website review and website analysis are a must for preventing a bank website from becoming obsolete. While our simple CMS enables you to manage your own website, BrownBoots advises quarterly meetings to review the website analytics report, which includes traffic statistics, data from SEO tactics and an ADA compliance / web accessibility website scan. BrownBoots will make recommendations based on the findings.

If any enhancements require additional design or programming from BrownBoots, we can pursue those changes at our hourly agency rate. If the scope warrants it, we will provide an estimate for your approval.


  • Website analytics report
  • SEO analysis
  • ADA compliance / web accessibility website scan
  • Recommendations for bank website updates
  • Additional services / estimates, as needed

Bank intranets & board portals

Internal communication is key to a successful business. In addition to public-facing bank website design, BrownBoots offers two microsite options for streamlining communication with bank staff as well as the Board of Directors.

Bank intranets can be protected in a variety of ways, including unique employee logins and / or access based on IP address. Features may include the following (and more):

  • Calendars
  • Classifieds
  • Company news
  • Forms
  • Forum
  • HR documents
  • Important phone numbers
  • Links
  • Open positions
  • Policies

Board portals put important information and files in front of Board members from any web browser, using a unique login and password.

Bank intranets icon

Your best bank website begins with BrownBoots

Bank Website Features

  • Responsive bank website
  • Financial calculators
  • Website copywriting
  • Photography / photo editing
Learn more about our bank website features.

Simple CMS

  • Manage your own website
  • Audit tool
  • Easy-update rates tool
  • Locations tool
Learn more about our simple CMS.

ADA Compliance

  • ADA compliance website checklist
  • Website accessibility standards
  • Website scan
  • Ongoing monitoring
Learn more about ADA compliance.

Secure Web Hosting

  • Secure web servers
  • SSAE-16 certified data centers
  • 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring
  • Redundant backups in multiple locations
Learn more about the best secure web hosting.

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO research
  • SEO recommendations
  • SEO tactics
  • SEO copywriting
Learn more about our search engine optimization.

Website Analysis

  • Website review
  • Website analytics report
  • SEO analysis
  • Web accessibility website scan
Learn more about website analysis.

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