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New year, newer CMS


BrownBoots is kicking off 2022 with a new version of our content management system (CMS), complete with more custom tools for financials that are easier to use than ever.

We’ve spent the past few months improving our proprietary CMS to make adding and editing rates, locations, staff, and webforms more efficient and more intuitive. The rollout of CMS 1.6 also features a visual facelift that optimizes the organization of the dashboard and reflects our updated brand colors.

Here’s a closer look at what CMS 1.6 has to offer:

Staff Manager

  • Create individual staff profiles from the dashboard.
  • Assign staff to one or more groups from the dashboard.
  • Easily add a staff member or staff group to virtually any page.
  • Edit a staff profile or group from the dashboard to automatically update them sitewide.

Form Manager

  • Access all existing webforms from the dashboard.
  • Quickly assign or edit recipients from the dashboard.
  • Easily create or update recipient groups.
  • Build custom webforms on virtually any page.

Locations Manager

  • Manage branches and ATMs from the dashboard.
  • Quickly update hours and other details for one or multiple locations.
  • Easily add location information to virtually any page.
  • Publish edits in one place to update the map and all pages displaying the location.

Rates Manager

  • Access all rates and related notes from the dashboard.
  • Quickly update or create new rates.
  • Easily add rates tables and notes to virtually any page.
  • Publish edits in one place to update rates and notes sitewide.

To make the transition to CMS 1.6 as smooth as possible, we’re currently meeting with all of our bank and credit union clients. We look forward to showcasing the improvements, providing any necessary training for the updated tools, and receiving feedback on the CMS as a whole so that we can continue to make strategic upgrades.

In fact, we already have a few new ideas for keeping the CMS as helpful and easy to use as possible, so be sure to stay tuned for announcements throughout the year!

Learn more about the BrownBoots CMS.

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