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Connecting with our clients in 2022


Some traditions are made to be broken.

Once upon a time, we distributed a survey at the start of the year, seeking client feedback on various aspects of our proprietary content management system (CMS) as well as marketing goals for the months ahead.

While we learned quite a lot from those communications, 2022 presented a unique opportunity to curtail our typical cadence and make this annual touchpoint a bit more personal. With the launch of CMS 1.6 — a massive endeavor that made the CMS’s user experience more consistent and convenient for every customer — we decided to schedule virtual meetings with each bank and credit union in order to showcase the new CMS features and hear, firsthand, how we can better serve our clients.

Forget about the Year of the Tiger. We made 2022 the Year of the Client!

First and foremost, we are happy to report that the release of CMS 1.6 went smoothly. Our clients liked what they saw and were eager to start leveraging the latest versions of the Locations Manager, Form Manager and other tools.

Rather than receive a wish list of new features, we instead worked with our clients to answer questions and overcome any small obstacles they experienced while updating their websites. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but by and large, we have been successful in our quest to keep our CMS simple and intuitive.

Among the other topics we addressed at these meetings were marketing trends for financials, the future of cryptocurrency and the impact of fintech on community banks. These conversations inspired us to dig deeper. We will provide more blog posts and content that can help our clients compete with — and adapt to — new technologies.

Overall, our chats were illuminating and motivating. While we can’t promise every January going forward will be filled with one-on-one, CMS-centric chats, we can confirm our commitment to remain a valuable resource for our clients — whether through the exploration of timely topics in this blog, customized recommendations for continuous improvement or marketing strategies that extend beyond websites.

Because some traditions shouldn’t be broken, we look forward to another year of supporting our clients and the tools that make their jobs easier.

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