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Tune in for our bank marketing ‘clip show’


Remember back before the days of DVR and stream-on-demand services?

If you missed an episode of your favorite TV show, you had only two chances to catch up:

  1. Hope the entertainment gods would replay the episode in syndication.
  2. Pray to that same pantheon for a miracle in the form of a clip show.

Clip shows were once a small-screen summer tradition not only because these recap episodes were cheap to make — since they were comprised mostly of previously aired footage — but also because they caught up viewers during a lull in programming.

In case you missed any of the BrownBoots blog’s 2019 “season,” here is our very own summery summary for your convenience:

Shredding the myth of paperless marketing

Despite the popularity of digital marketing channels, print marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. Make sure your bank brochures, signage and other paper deliverables are up to snuff and match the branding of your bank website design.

Catch the rerun here.

Website analysis: monitoring data that matters

Tracking your website performance is important, but not all data is created equal. In this episode, we share the website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) and ADA compliance stats that matter most.

Catch the rerun here.

We build better bank intranets

There’s a pandemic infecting the hidden web: bad bank intranets. At BrownBoots, we approach bank intranets the same strategic way we approach our responsive bank websites while offering a plethora of handy components.

Catch the rerun here.

Digital marketing strategy for banks & credit unions

Do you ever wonder what challenges today’s digital marketers are grappling with? What trends and low-hanging fruit are out there? Don’t miss these valuable cameos from your bank marketing peers!

Catch the rerun here.

4 reasons why you should show rates on your bank website

Spoiler alert: the most important justification for displaying deposit and loan rates on your website is that your customers want to see it.

Catch the rerun here.

More CMS tools for your bank website toolbox

Versatile financial calculators, multiple file upload, auto-created XML sitemaps and a robust form builder — our simple CMS reaches new heights in this mid-season climax.

Catch the rerun here.

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