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More CMS tools for your bank website toolbox


A stagnant website is a dying website. We believe the same to be true for content management systems (CMS).

While our simple CMS already boasts robust core features and tools designed especially for financials — including an audit report tool, easy-update rates tool and locations tool — we are committed to integrating additional functionality to keep website management as easy as possible for our clients.

Here are a few recent examples:

Financial Calculators

Every custom bank website by BrownBoots includes at least five financial calculators. Traditionally, each calculator lived on its own PHP page, apart from related product pages.

But why make your visitors click to a new page? Why not insert the calculator on every relevant subpage?

We rebuilt our calculators from the ground up so they could be added to virtually any HTML page. And because “simple” is our aim, inserting a calculator is as easy as selecting the element from a dropdown menu.

Multiple File Upload

Adding images and other files like PDFs to a website is a fundamental component of any CMS, so that capability has been present in our simple CMS since day one. However, selecting images one by one was often a tedious exercise.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the new drag-and-drop, multiple-upload tool, you can now add many files of the same file type simultaneously — a little thing that can save a lot of time.

XML Sitemap

Sometimes our CMS improvements take place behind the scene.

Just as a sitemap page — with its catalog of most, if not every, website page — helps human visitors navigate your website, an XML sitemap serves as a roadmap for search engines, increasing the likelihood your site will show up on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Instead of making our clients manually generate an XML sitemap, the CMS now automatically creates and submits one. If you don’t want a page to appear in the XML sitemap, simply check the “Hide from sitemap.xml” box on the Settings tab!

Form Builder

Last — but certainly not least — is our form builder.

For years, BrownBoots clients could add, edit or remove just about any type of content on their website. One big exception was webforms, which our developers custom built in PHP. If you wanted a new form, such an employment form or donation request form, it became a new project for the agency to address.

But the entire point of a CMS is for you to manage your own website. Since campaign-focused landing pages with custom webforms have gained popularity, the need for a customer-friendly form builder was higher than ever.

So we stepped up.

Our newest responsive bank websites feature subpage templates with a series of custom elements, allowing our clients to create everything from a standard “Contact Us” form to a more complex webform that sends the information to a specific email recipient or group.

More good news: we can retrofit existing client websites with this functionality. Just give us a call!

CMS Survey

Because continuous improvement is…well…continuous, we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

We recently posted a poll for our clients to rank additional updates to our simple CMS to help us prioritize future enhancements. Here’s what they said:

Please select the feature(s) you would most like to see integrated into the CMS. (Check all that apply.)

  • 80% — Spell check
  • 70% — Google Analytics dashboard
  • 40% — ADA tips
  • 40% — Advanced image editing
  • 10% — None of the above

Thanks to everyone who provided input — and stick around for more great upgrades!

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