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BrownBoots bank websites overcame challenges of 2020


2020 brought some big challenges, but it wasn’t all bad news for this bank marketing agency.

On the contrary, BrownBoots was busier than ever, helping banks and credit unions weather COVID-19 and adapting to the new normal. Here are some highlights of our year and a sneak peek at what’s ahead for the agency and our amazing clients in 2021:

So many bank websites


The pandemic might have paused some businesses, but the financial industry never stopped. We worked closely with our clients to keep their bank website projects moving forward, flexing our production schedule as needed and taking whatever steps we could to make the process easier.

As a result, we launched five new bank websites and redesigned a sixth, including:


All our hard work in 2020 has put us in a prime position: three completed bank websites are waiting in the wings, ready to launch in early 2021!

Among those sites is BrownBoots’ first national, online-only bank client — and given the trend of branchless banks emerging across the web, we expect it won’t be our last.

How the magic happened


Instrumental to coordinating so many bank websites in concert was the addition of a new project manager at BrownBoots: KD Bernander.

KD joined the team during a time of transition, as the rest of the staff was adjusting to a remote workplace environment. Fortunately, being in the technology business, BrownBoots had few troubles relocating — as evidenced by our enduring productivity throughout 2020.

Indeed, process improvement played a big part of this past year, with so many team members stepping up to expand their roles and share their expertise to make the workflow smoother than ever.


Looking ahead, we have plans in place to find further efficiencies in the bank website process. Beyond building new sites, BrownBoots is also exploring opportunities to help our bank and credit union clients master their digital marketing strategy.

From search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click advertising to social media marketing campaigns that drive conversions, we want to be your partner in driving traffic to optimized, conversion-capturing landing pages.

Making website management better


Between building beautiful bank websites, we continued to tweak our content management system (CMS) so that you can manage your own website, quickly and easily.

In 2020, we augmented our existing bank-centric tools by integrating a variety of new features, including:

  • A form builder with CAPTCHA that can be added to virtually any page
  • The option to implement two-factor authentication for additional security
  • Password enhancements to prevent outsiders from accessing your account
  • A link checker to detect broken hyperlinks that might be lurking somewhere on your site

More details about these CMS tools can be found here.


Our simple CMS is a big draw for banks, so it’s in our best interest to keep this backend system as robust and easy to use as possible. Rest assured, we will continue to make enhancements to the CMS in 2021.

In fact, your feedback on the current CMS as well as your wish list of features will play a part in this. Stay tuned for our survey early next year!

A wealth of wisdom


Hand in hand with our goal of becoming your partner in all things marketing, we regularly share articles to augment your expertise. Throughout 2020, we published seven blog posts covering a variety of topics:

If you missed any of those articles or just want to refresh your memory, they’re all still accessible — and relevant!


We’ve already attacked our content calendar for the next quarter, plotting out the first few blog posts for 2021. Keep an eye on this blog for helpful bank website and digital marketing tips as well as industry trends.

As the world prepares to kick 2020 to the curb, we can’t wait to stride confidently into the new year!

Let’s make 2021 a great year!

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