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Our simple CMS undergoes functionality and security updates


We’re big believers in continuous improvement. It’s what we preach for bank website design and what we practice when it comes to our proprietary content management system (CMS).

Here are a handful of ways we are making our simple CMS even better:

Form builder with CAPTCHA

Last fall, we made a major addition to the CMS: the ability to easily add webforms to pages. From quick contact forms to robust loan applications, the new form-building functionality allows web admins to create lead-generating calls-to-action on the fly. (Read the full blog post.)

The form builder made its debut on newly launched bank websites over the past few months. Now we’ve rolled it out to all existing bank and credit union clients’ websites. By selecting the appropriately labeled template, form-builder elements can now be added to most any page on the website.

The latest version of the tool also includes the option to add Google’s invisible reCAPTCHA — an additional check that filters out nonhuman traffic — to reduce the likelihood of spam email.

Two-factor authentication

Clients who want another level of security for their CMS accounts can now opt in for two-factor verification, which requires a CMS user to enter a one-time-use number along with their password when logging in. The security code can be delivered via voice, email or SMS text message.

Two-factor authentication can be activated at the site level, which requires all users to provide both a password and a security code, or on a user-by-user basis.

Password enhancements

Even CMS users who don’t enable two-factor authentication can benefit from our new security features. Going forward, all CMS passwords will have minimum requirements; they must include at least:

  • 8 characters
  • 1 number
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 special character

Admins also can now force CMS users to change their passwords on a predetermined interval — every 14 days, 30 days, 100 days and so forth. Regularly changing passwords decreases the chance of someone else using your login credentials.

We recommend changing CMS passwords every 30 days.

Link checker

Broken links are the bane of the internet. Copy-paste errors, expired external links, deleted internal pages — whatever the cause, broken links should be fixed in a timely manner.

Why? For one thing, visitors hate them. Because they interrupt the user’s flow through your website, they can cost you conversions. Even worse, search engines can penalize websites because of broken links.

Before we launch a bank website, we always scan every page for broken links — both internal and external — and now our clients can scan their websites for broken links whenever they wish, thanks to the new link checker tool, accessible in the CMS dashboard.

More CMS tools

Our CMS’s core features and custom tools are designed to make bank website management as easy as possible. We want you to confidently manage your own website, so we’re thrilled to add the above features to an already strong toolbox that includes blog functionality, embeddable financial calculators, easy-update rates tool, audit tool, auto-generated XML sitemap and more.

Of course, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we know there’s still room for more!

Learn more about our simple CMS.

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