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Our simple CMS makes building forms even easier


If you build it, they will complete it.

Whether you’re designing a landing page for a marketing campaign or creating an online application for a checking account, webforms are a godsend.

Once upon a time, we told our clients they could add, delete and edit every page of their websites — except for forms. If a bank or credit union needed a webform on their site, one of our hard-working developers would have to create a custom PHP page on a case-by-case basis.

This process took time and, if outside the scope of the original project, money.

All that changed earlier this year when we added form-building functionality to our simple content management system (CMS).

Our developers are still happy to program any necessary forms, especially if there are advanced features needed — such as data validation and copious instances of conditional logic — but we are pleased to offer a do-it-yourself option for building quick, easy webforms.

Need to send secure information in a short, simple message? You can now do that in the CMS.

Need a massive, multipage webform? You can do that too.

What about a form that can go to different recipients depending on a dropdown selection? No problem!

Here are a few ways our customers are using this new customizable call to action feature to better serve their customers:

  • Contact us (general inquiry)
  • Contact us about a specific product or service
  • Request a donation
  • Reserve meeting space
  • Apply for a loan
  • Apply for a deposit account

The webform builder is one of several CMS tools and improvements we have added in 2019. All of our new bank websites boast the new form-building functionality. If you’re already a client, we’d love to add the custom form elements to your CMS account. Just give us a call.

When we say you can manage your own website, we mean it!

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