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BrownBoots clients evaluate our simple CMS


A BrownBoots bank website, powered by our proprietary content management system (CMS), lets you manage your own website.

But does it live up to the moniker of “simple CMS”?

We continue to finetune and augment our CMS. In fact, we recently announced new features and functionality released for early 2020. Many of those updates came from past anecdotes and recommendations from our current clients.

In the spirit of embracing continuous improvement — and to learn whether our CMS is as easy-to-use as we believe it is — we asked our bank and credit union clients to answer a handful of questions about their experiences managing their websites.

Here are the results:

Frequency of Use

First, we asked how often, on average, the CMS gets used and discovered that all survey respondents update their website at least twice a month — and many do so far more often than that!

  • 40% indicated they use the CMS once or twice a week.
  • 10% use the CMS at least once per day.
  • 10% use the CMS multiple times per day

We find these figures encouraging, not only because it implies clients are taking advantage of the tools we provide, but also it suggests the rest of the survey feedback comes from individuals who are very familiar with the CMS.

Types of Website Updates

While we’re proud of the robust suite of tools we’ve integrated into our CMS, we wanted to check how appropriate and useful they are to our bank and website clients. We’re thrilled to learn that all of the features are being utilized.

Here are the top 5 tasks clients complete using the CMS:

  1. Update homepage message(s)
  2. Edit existing pages
  3. Manage alert messages
  4. Update rates
  5. Add new pages

Client Wishlist

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we are invested in making the CMS better and better. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions for future updates, including:

  • Increased flexibility with site visuals, including tables
  • Additional photo editing/manipulation functionality
  • Tool tips
  • “Move above” and “move below” buttons
  • Enhancements to the audit tool

Rest assured, we’ve heard your suggestions and, in some cases, criticisms — and we’re committed to pushing the CMS further


Perhaps the most encouraging feedback we received were answers to the question “What do you like best about the CMS?” Here are a few testimonials:

  • “Making updates to already existing pages or posting alerts is a fast and easy process.”
  • “I like that blog and regular pages are kept separate.”
  • “I find it relatively easy to make changes.”
  • “I like the two-factor added security.”
  • “I like how it updates the website right away when I make a change!”
  • “(I like) the fact that we can make some changes ourselves and not have to send a request to a third party.”
  • “(The CMS) updates the site immediately. And I can do nearly everything I need to do on my own — without asking for additional help.”

So is it ‘Simple’?

When we read phrases like “ease of use” and “user-friendly” throughout the survey results, we can’t help but smile. Add to that the statistic of most respondents finding our content management tool “somewhat easy to use” or “very easy to use,” and we’re confident our simple CMS lives up to its name.

And, thanks to your feedback, it’s only going to get better!

Learn more about our simple CMS.

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