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Maintaining — no, gaining — momentum in 2019


We can sum up our New Year’s resolution in three words: be even better.

But before we get too wrapped up in what’s ahead for BrownBoots and our amazing clients in 2019, let’s take a moment to reflect on all we collectively accomplished in 2018.

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance for bank websites was a hot topic in 2018 and will remain important in the new year too. To help our clients maintain ADA compliant websites, we made significant improvements to new and existing websites alike:

  • We reworked navigation structures to eliminate duplicate links in mobile menus.
  • We created a new, ADA compliant accordion element in our content management system (CMS).
  • We adjusted how online banking login code is added to the site to eliminate desktop/mobile redundancy.
  • We continued to hone our approach for resolving ADA concerns in every step of our bank website design and development process.

Simple CMS

Not to brag, but clients really seem to love our simple CMS. Although we make updates every year, such as the blog functionality that was integrated back in 2017, we made quite a few enhancements in 2018 alone:

  • We added the capability to schedule and auto publish website updates.
  • We enhanced security by moving the CMS from an FTP to SFTP environment.
  • We streamlined emergency procedure protocols.
  • We created additional administrative features to help serve our clients faster.

Beyond bank website design

While BrownBoots will always be known for creating custom websites, we love to wow our clients with other bank marketing services as well. Last year provided us with opportunities to demonstrate our print-marketing prowess (e.g. bank brochure design) as well as flex our marketing-planning and market-research muscles (e.g. customer perception surveys).

On the digital side, we developed an online credit/debit card photo editor, which allows bank customers to upload their own image and submit a request for their personalized card.

2019 goals

It’ll be tough to top 2018, but we’re certainly up for the challenge. We anticipate launching more bank websites (featuring the best bank website design) in more states than ever before.

Of course, we don’t pursue new business opportunities at the expense of our current clients. As a matter of fact, we plan to pursue new ways to engage our partner banks and credit unions, enhancing collaboration so that we can continue to alleviate pain points across the industry.

And even though we made great strides with our simple CMS in 2018, we intend to take it even further in 2019 (*cough* form-building functionality *cough*).

In short, we couldn’t be more excited about the year ahead and look forward to tackling 2019 — together.

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