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BrownBoots delivers meaningful metrics with AgencyAnalytics


A custom bank website deserves a custom approach to website analytics.

Since the agency’s inception, BrownBoots has believed reviewing website data and making regular updates lead to a healthy website, which is why continuous improvement is a part of every website proposal we create. Last year, we introduced the Post Launch Success Plan to help ensure our bank websites remain healthy long after they launch.

Of course, we’ve always encouraged the implementation of regular meetings with our clients to examine website traffic in order to determine which updates are needed to better serve visitors. Once upon a time, that meant scrubbing through various programs, aggregating data, and manually populating comprehensive reports for our clients. But no more!

For the past year, we’ve evolved how we handle ongoing evaluations and reports by adopting a robust system called AgencyAnalytics — and our clients continue to be impressed by its capabilities.

Enjoy the view

AgencyAnalytics automates the collection of data by connecting with a wide variety of disparate programs and displaying it on one or more customizable dashboards.

Currently, all of our AgencyAnalytics licenses pull in metrics from Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Lighthouse and Google Search Console. Additionally, more than 70 other marketing integrations are available, including social media channels, pay-per-click applications, and newsletter programs such as MailChimp and Sendinblue.

Which means, for example, our clients can look at their Facebook engagement, Facebook Ads metrics and corresponding website traffic all in one place.

In addition to those customizable integrations, AgencyAnalytics includes a built-in rank tracker for search engine optimization, a site auditor to check for errors and a backlink monitor for a clearer picture of how visitors find their way to the website.

Whereas BrownBoots and its clients once had to scour several different systems to collect relevant and related information, now AgencyAnalytics does the heavy lifting, giving everyone more time to evaluate the data and, ultimately, act on it.

Access website metrics that matter

Thanks to our Post Launch Success Plan, all new bank websites include AgencyAnalytics integration as a matter of course. Through the established curriculum, we work with clients to make their account even more useful, creating and integrating a Google Business Profile, for instance. After the first year, clients can elect to retain this service at a monthly rate.

Other clients who partner with BrownBoots for continuous improvement have already made the transition to AgencyAnalytics. We customize dashboards and reports, schedule supplemental delivery of reports as needed, evaluate the data regularly and work with these clients to make strategic updates to their websites in the interest of better serving their customers while meeting the banks’ goals.

Alternatively, clients who wish to take advantage of AgencyAnalytics without our ongoing recommendations can still take advantage of AgencyAnalytics with a subscription. They can get started by reaching out to Patrick Rose at or 920-933-8089. Integration tends to be quick turnaround, requiring only a single meeting for setup.

How involved BrownBoots remains as a bank website ages is entirely up to our clients, but one thing is sure: someone should monitor its progress. Between our cumulative expertise and the comprehensive tools afforded by AgencyAnalytics, a BrownBoots bank website is bound to have a long, healthy life ahead!

Want to connect your BrownBoots bank website to AgencyAnalytics? Contact us!

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