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5 bank website trends for 2021


If your bank website isn’t evolving with the times, it’s falling behind. Check out these five features that can take your bank or credit union website to the next level this year:

1. Online Scheduling Software

With a certain pandemic pulling the plug on pop-ins and crowded public spaces, planning in-person appointments has become more necessary than ever before. Online schedulers give customers an alternative to hunting for the best phone number to call or filling out a generic contact form and waiting for a reply.

An online scheduling application can make your site more interactive and user friendly. We work with your third-party platform to integrate the application into the website.

2. Online Account Opening & Loan Application

While not exactly new on the scene, online account-opening functionality and loan applications continue to gain popularity on bank and credit union websites. Customers find them convenient, driving up demand on the websites of even smaller financials.

If the idea of adding this level of automation to your bank website amps up your anxiety, rest assured it doesn’t have to be intimidatingly complex. In addition to robust systems that network with major customer relationship management tools (CRMs), straightforward and secure webforms can also bridge the gap, giving visitors an easy call to action (CTA) that drives conversions.

3. Online Chat and Other Interactive Tools

The days of bank websites being little more than online brochures are long gone—or, at least, they should be. Imparting pertinent information is only a small part of what bank and credit union websites need to do today.

Visitors expect and often demand the ability to complete a variety of tasks via your website. Why click through a bunch of product pages when they can use an account wizard to determine the best option for them? Why wait for someone to reply to a webform when they can chat with a bank employee in real time? These applications are more than bells and whistles; they’re on their way to becoming standard features.

4. Digital Marketing Integration

An effective bank website must attract visitors. To give their website traffic a boost, savvy digital marketers leverage a variety of channels, enticing promising prospects to engaging landing pages with strategic CTAs and measuring the effectiveness of each tactic.

From paid search engine marketing (SEM) using Google Ads to pay-per-click ads on popular social media platforms to targeted email marketing campaigns, the best bank website design and development include code snippets to track all digital marketing efforts.

5. Advanced Website Analytics

Hand in hand with monitoring acquisitions is evaluating the effectiveness of your bank website on all levels. Every BrownBoots bank website includes Google Analytics tracking code, but that’s only half the battle: each website needs someone dedicated to monitoring the data, interpreting the numbers, and making the necessary updates to the site.

Beyond Google Analytics, we also offer integration with Siteimprove, which allows our clients to keep an eye on general website performance, search engine optimization (SEO) and ADA compliance—all through our easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

After all, if you don’t keep tabs on your website’s performance, how are you going to know which of tomorrow’s trends to adopt?

Are you prepared for 2021? Beef up your bank website with BrownBoots!

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