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A bank website design for every generation


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when creating a custom bank website design, but sometimes you can revolutionize it.

Lakeside Bank didn’t want a typical bank website. They wanted to stand out — not just for the sake of being cutting edge today, but because they wanted to give their customers an optimized online experience for years to come.

This future-focused mindset guided our approach to everything from the website’s usability to functionality and features. Instead of broadcasting a main marketing message on the homepage, for instance, we built a search element to evolve — and in some cases streamline — navigation.

We crafted specific sections for the three main generations Lakeside Bank serves: “Teens & Graduates,” “New Adults & Parents,” and “Professionals & Retirees.” Each landing page includes quick links to the products and services best suited to that audience.

The website also includes live-chat integration, a customer-service channel that continues to gain popularity across the internet.

We’re so proud of how the creativity and technology came together for the greater good. In our humble opinion, is among the best bank websites of this generation.

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