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Make a responsive bank website your New Year’s resolution


When does a steady stream become a trend?

Early January tends to be the season for recapping the fads of yesteryear and making predictions for the months ahead. When it comes to bank website design and development, just about every list makes mention of something called “responsive web design.”

We’ve addressed the importance of mobile websites time and time again because for the past few years just about everyone has forecasted the steady increase in use of websites by mobile devices, such as smartphones.

Given that making one’s website mobile-optimized is a matter of when, not if, the next question becomes “How?”

That’s where “responsive web design” comes in.

There are two leading philosophies when it comes to making websites look good and function well on smartphone screens: either you create a separate, often smaller website that is built for fingers (not a mouse) to navigate or you create a single website that determines what kind of device is accessing it and displays the content in an aesthetically pleasing way. The latter method involves using responsive web design — or responsive design, for short.

In 2012 and early 2013, we were commissioned more often to augment existing desktop websites with a mobile-optimized microsite than to build responsive sites. As 2013 went on, however, we found that retrofitting a website with responsive design or creating a responsive site from scratch became the course of action we recommended more and more.

Here are a few of the bank websites that capitalize on responsive design:

We predict that BrownBoots will continue to work with existing and new bank and credit union clients to create websites that work wonderfully on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones — one way or another.

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