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New bank website builds upon a chain of change


Sometimes change can be contagious.

PNB Community Bank, headquartered in Niceville, Fla., recently refreshed its brand — including its name — which, in turn, necessitated a website redesign.

However, the new bank website ended up being so much more than just a paintjob. Creating a custom bank website from the ground up allows for evaluation of what came before and enhancement for what comes next.

Here are a few of the improvements we implemented for PNB:

  • The new URL leverages the .bank top-level domain:
  • Adorning almost every page is large, local imagery provided by the client.
  • We designed and developed a responsive bank website, which means the site is mobile-friendly.
  • The new website also adheres to ADA compliance for accessibility.
  • A reorganization of the sitemap makes the website easier to navigate and key information easier to find.
  • The subpage design highlights specific calls to action, helping visitors make that next step.
  • The entire website was rewritten, page by page, to ensure the information would be both accurate and relevant.

And because every bank website is a living, evolving thing, we integrated our simple content management system (CMS) so that PNB Community Bank employees can make updates as needed.

Continuous improvement is but another type of change, after all.

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