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Welcome to our your new website!


We love celebrating the launch of a new bank website or credit union website.

It’s always a big day for our clients. If you look good, we look good, and when you’re happy, we’re happy. So it’s only natural that we’re excited to share with you the rebirth of our own site!

While we always challenge ourselves to create the best bank website design for our clients, the new had lofty expectations of its own. After all, this is a website that sells websites.

And yet we didn’t do anything for our new website that we wouldn’t do for a bank or credit union. We adhered to the same approach we recommend for all our clients, ensuring that every feature is relevant and that aesthetics work hand in hand with functionality.

We followed our standard four-phase process to website design, starting with a website analysis to determine what was working well on the old site and seek out avenues for improvement. Along with data from the website analytics report, we performed a complete content audit, refining our search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and rewriting the text accordingly.

Next, we examined our navigation and information architecture, choosing to streamline the former and make the latter more flexible. By leveraging subheads and accordion elements that expand and collapse content, visitors can quickly scan the material to get an overview or dig deeper if they want more information.

When it came to decision making, BrownBoots stepped into your shoes.

We reorganized our Services subpages and added a new Events page to compile all our upcoming appearances and webinars in one space. Given how important referrals are, we added a list of clients to our homepage and About Us page. We also gave the portfolio pages — our most-visited real estate — a facelift to make the information easier to digest.

Finally, we tested the new website on a variety of browsers and devices until it worked flawlessly on computers, tablets and smartphones alike.

Our old site wasn’t bad. But that’s the point of a periodic website review: preventing a prime marketing tool from getting rusty, dull or otherwise broken.

There’s nothing quite like seeing our shiny, new website go live. More importantly, the new will better serve you — and that’s something to celebrate!

Like what you see? We want to give your bank website the overhaul it deserves.

Contact us.

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