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New bank website builds on what was already working


Nothing lasts forever — not even the best bank websites.

Nonetheless, we’re proud of the fact that the first website we built for Woodford State Bank served them well for more than six years. The decision to replace the old site had much to do with modernizing its look and feel and harnessing the latest technology. In short, what we had designed and built so long ago wasn’t necessarily broken; rather, time provided clear opportunities for improvement.

And we’re also honored that when it came time to replace the aging website with a fresh, new model, Woodford returned to BrownBoots for the upgrade. Here are a few ways we built on our prior success:


The beauty of redesigning a bank website we ourselves created is that we can really dig into what worked well while identifying elements that didn’t measure up to their expected potential. For example, isolated pages that received relatively few pageviews needed some rethinking. As a result,’s sitemap shrank somewhat, transforming into a more streamlined organization.


Of course, it’s seldom as simple as dragging content to the proverbial trash can en masse. Rather, we reexamine wordcount and the location of information. Hence, a traditional event calendar, a static webpage detailing how the bank gives back, and a repository of customer testimonials transformed into more dynamic blog posts — a strategy that not only encourages regular content updates, but also emphasizes Woodford’s dedication to serving its communities.


Even as we kept what worked well on the old site, we sought opportunities to harness the latest technology and best practices for bank websites. The new site capitalizes on the latest version of our proprietary content management system (CMS 2.0), including the Block Editor. This new application allows Woodford’s web admins to publish, unpublish, and reuse homepage slides as well as manage promotional announcements that appear above the footer on every page. Similarly, the branch information displayed throughout the site is managed from a single spot in the CMS.

A custom locations element on the homepage lets visitors select their preferred branch so that the website can remember them on subsequent visits — expediting access to commonly requested information. The homepage also showcases Woodford’s new wizard, which helps visitors navigate the site’s offerings while simultaneously showcasing the breadth of the bank’s services.

All in all, we’ve set up the new Woodford State Bank website to last another six years — and maybe more!


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