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New bank website is a thing of beauty


A bank website overhaul opens the door to many possibilities.

The Dolores State Bank’s old website only hinted at the natural splendor of southwestern Colorado, favoring heavy earth tones. Their new website needed to ratchet up the impressive landscapes and feature the mountains, canyons and forests.

BrownBoots was delighted to deliver the requested breath of fresh air, a design rich with bold blues, wide-open whitespace and the rugged silhouettes of the Rockies. Using a rusty red for the accent hue was another nod to the geology of Colorado, while maintaining ADA compliance for color contrast. See for yourself at

Of course, aesthetics is only the tip of the mountain…

Complementing the scenery is website copywriting that spoke directly to their local customers and five financial calculators to help them with planning. The website also leverages clear calls to action on every page to encourage customers to take the next step.

Beneath the beauty are also robust tools that make the website easy for the bank’s customers to use. Even better, our simple CMS allows The Dolores State Bank’s team to make updates quickly. Finally, we built in flexibility so that the site could grow in terms of capability and functionality — for example, opening accounts online.

At BrownBoots, creativity and technology always work together to make something beautiful. It’s just the natural order of things.

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