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Mastering your midyear bank website review


Even in the season of vacations and vacant offices, your bank website is always available — and eager — for your attention.

We recommend using the summer months to perform a website audit to ensure your site is both functional and accurate. Here are some housekeeping tips, depending how much “downtime” you have:

Bank Website Review Level 1: Tidying Up

The first step for any website review is accessing every page and evaluating the content. Check every word for typos, style inconsistencies and incorrect/outdated information. And make sure you open those PDFs as well.

Click buttons and text links to identify any broken links, especially links to external websites that may have changed their URLs. Then send some sample webforms to verify they reach the intended recipient.

Essentially, you should approach each page with fresh eyes, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and poking around like a new visitor. Tidying up your content can only make your customers — and your auditors — happier campers.

Bank Website Review Level 2: Deep Cleaning

Sometimes you can’t see a problem from the surface.

We believe every bank should have access to their visitor data, which is why BrownBoots integrates Google Analytics code into every page of our responsive bank websites. By accessing your website stats, you can track visitors’ journeys through your site — and identify any unintentional speedbumps or detours.

Are there pages that few people access? Could it be the content just isn’t valuable, or are you maybe missing a prominent call to action?

Hand-in-hand with website analytics is search engine optimization (SEO). If you’ve already started an SEO campaign, take some time to reevaluate your keywords and verify they still have the most value. Then brainstorm ways to boost the usage of your SEO keywords.

Finally, perform a website scan for ADA compliance. Not only is web accessibility an extension of excellent customer service, it’s also a potential legal hazard.

Bank Website Review Level 3: The Neat Freak

Still feeling the itch to put your house in order?

What your customers see is most important, but you can also make your life easier, as a website administrator, by doing some backend cleanup. If you have access to your content via a content management system — such as our simple CMS — your website review can include an audit of disabled or otherwise idle content, including:

  • Unused pages (e.g. expired promotions, filled positions, etc.)
  • Unused PDFs (e.g. outdated versions of currently linked files, etc.)
  • Unused photos (e.g. former staff members, logos from past vendors, etc.)

Why not expand your efforts beyond the website alone? Your website is but one component of your bank marketing, after all.

Take a truly comprehensive approach by checking for brand and message consistency among all marketing touchpoints, including print marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and other digital marketing.

Don’t get burned by the dog days of summer. Be sure to spend some quality time taking care of your website!

Need some help with your midyear bank website review? Contact us!

Learn how our simple CMS can help you manage your own website.

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