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New bank website boasts third-party integration


When we say we play nicely with other vendors and service providers, we mean it.

Take the new bank website we developed for Farmers National Bank, for example. The client wanted to connect various promotions to a third-party custom content delivery system for enhanced conversion tracking.

Sure thing!

What about seamlessly integrating an app housed internally at the bank to enhance the management of open positions and job searching on the careers page?

No problem!

And while we’re on the topic of integration, Farmers National Bank’s new website also leverages the tools we built to make our simple CMS even more powerful, including the easy-update rates tool, single-upload locations tool and audit report tool.

Not only is the website easy for the client to manage and easy for their customers to use, but also the site looks amazing. The homepage boasts subtle web animation in the form of a background video behind the main marketing message and a “flip effect” hover state for down-page callouts.

It’s like we always say: the best bank website integrates both technology and creativity.

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