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A peek at the hidden half of our portfolio


Some of our best work is seen by a select few.

While our portfolio features some of our best bank website design and other bank marketing projects, a handful of our endeavors remain hands-off for the general public.

Of course, all works in progress remain confidential while in production. Before a mailer goes to the post office, an e-blast hits inboxes or a responsive bank website launches, we treat them with sensitivity and a certain amount of secretiveness. Only after they go out into the greater world do we reveal our part in the process via this blog and our social media channels.

But there’s a hidden half of our portfolio that will never make it onto our website…

These top-secret projects aren’t nefarious in nature. On the contrary, they often play an essential part in our clients’ day-to-day operations. The audience just happens to be very narrow — and does not necessarily include you.

Here are some examples of these types of private projects:

  • Bank intranets
  • Board of Directors microsites
  • Corporate branding guidelines
  • Customer portals
  • Internal calendars and forums
  • Online order administration tools
  • Sales team presentations, including mobile apps and web apps
  • Training modules
  • Work order tracking tools

When working on projects that are not for public consumption, we still take the same approach as with public-facing projects, starting with understanding your objectives and audiences. But often these projects give us a chance to get more in depth from an operational standpoint.

For example, we might find ourselves working closer with your IT department or polling current customers or pooling our talent with other vendors to ratchet up the interactivity — and interconnectedness — of a customized tool.

BrownBoots’ clandestine collaborations represent some of the most creative work we’ve done — projects that allow us to take usability in wonderful new directions. Unfortunately, we can’t show you any of them, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Or better yet, let us prove it by being a part of your next top-secret mission.

See the not-so-secret half of our portfolio.

Contact BrownBoots to inquire about our bank marketing services.

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