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Bank website acceleration demands greater collaboration


Any bank website provider can call themselves a partner, but BrownBoots strives to be a true collaborator.

First State Bank needed an agency that not only specialized in stellar bank website design, but also a variety of bank marketing services — and could deliver on an aggressive deadline.

Needless to say, we were up for the challenge.

The website itself had a strong list of requirements, including:

(What is ADA compliance? Here’s what you need to know about website accessibility.)

In conjunction with the bank website, BrownBoots was tasked with creating and distributing perception surveys to existing and prospective customers. The data from the surveys informed both the visuals and the text for the website and future marketing materials.

The series of projects provided BrownBoots with an intimate understanding of First State Bank and resulted in a responsive, accessible website to better serve their customers. (Visit

And like any partnership worth the label, we’re looking forward to future collaborations, starting with several print marketing projects.

We predict the best has yet to come!

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Make your next bank website a BrownBoots website.

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