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What Mobilegeddon means for your bank website


Google’s latest algorithm update has unleashed a terrifying new word into the English language: Mobilegeddon!

How will your bank website weather the storm?

As the name suggests, this recent tweaking of Google’s “secret formula” focuses mainly on mobile devices, rewarding websites that play nicely with smartphones and penalizing those that don’t. In other words, if you haven’t heeded the numerous warnings over the years about neglecting your mobile web traffic, the world’s most popular search engine has raised the stakes.

But before you rush your web team into the safest interior room to avoid the impending disaster, let’s take a look at what Mobilegeddon really means for most credit union and bank websites.

Google now promotes websites designed and developed with mobile devices in mind in its organic (non-paid) search results, listing those sites first. This means that if your target audience is searching for services you provide via Google on a smartphone, you will be ranked higher in the search results if your website is mobile optimized.

Conversely, if your website requires a lot of zooming in and depends on clumsy navigation to get around on a mobile device, your site will lose ground on the results pages for mobile users and be less likely to be found. And fewer visitors means fewer customers.

To avoid Google’s ire, here are a few things to keep in mind about mobile website best practices:

  • Content should automatically resize to fit the width of the device’s screen, and the font should be large enough to be readable without zooming in. We call this responsive web design.
  • Buttons and links must be spaced so that taps can be recognized and be unambiguous.
  • Flash animation doesn’t work on many mobile devices and should be avoided.

Mobilegeddon thrust mobile website design and development onto the front page of tech sites and mainstream news sites alike, but mobile traffic is something BrownBoots has taken into consideration well before Google’s drastic tweak. In fact, we’re pleased with the change because websites we’ve built with mobile traffic in mind should see a positive impact from the latest algorithm update.

Unsure of whether your website is mobile optimized? Visit and type in your URL.

See samples of mobile-friendly (responsive) bank websites.

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