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Small bank’s website makes big impact


A new website often plays a major part in bank marketing services. When we discuss goals with our clients, they almost always tell us that, among other things, the new bank website design should drive growth of new customers. Malvern Bank was perhaps unique in that they were far more interested in serving their existing customers better than gaining additional ones.

That gave us an opportunity to “get personal” with their content strategy.

Located in Malvern, Iowa (population: 1,142), Malvern Bank is a single-branch bank that has been serving the city since 1892. Family-run since 1946, Malvern Bank caters to a tight-knit community that, by and large, knows the bank’s president by name.

BrownBoots tapped into that intimate connection by providing website copywriting filled with references to local businesses and familiar events. We also contributed photo editing to submitted photos so that downtown Malvern was featured prominently on the “About Us” pages. Staff names and portraits were included in calls-to-action so that customers knew exactly who would be helping them.

Add to that all of the features and tools that come standard with a BrownBoots bank website — such as our simple CMS, financial calculators, our easy-update rates tool, the website audit reporting tool — and both Malvern Bank and its customers are in very good hands.

This responsive bank website also contained a few other firsts for us. is our first bank website to take advantage of the new blog functionality in our proprietary content management system (CMS) rather than open-source blog software. This CMS enhancement brings additional security to our custom web development.

Speaking of behind-the-scenes advances, BrownBoots also introduced improvements to our design and development processes during the creation of By keeping efficiency as a top priority, we’re able to make a claim that few other bank website vendors can make: BrownBoots builds engaging and effective bank websites in three to four months.

It just goes to show, you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best.

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