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Simple CMS Content management systems let you manage your own website, and ours couldn’t be easier to use.

Manage your own website!

Content management systems — or CMS — are a back-end interface that allows you to make changes to most kinds of website content, including adding and removing images, text and entire pages.

That’s right: no more waiting a week or more for your website provider to make small changes to your site!

Plus, our proprietary CMS includes industry-specific features, giving you more control over your content.

BrownBoots CMS core features

  • Add / edit pages
  • Batch file upload
  • Control navigation hierarchy
  • Custom page URLs
  • Custom-element integration
  • Enhanced password requirements / controls
  • File manager
  • Flexible permissions
  • Homepage alert banner
  • HTML code editing
  • Immediate publish
  • Include files
  • Integration of multimedia files
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor
  • Link checker
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Preview content changes
  • SEO metadata fields for each page
  • Staging and production workflow
  • Supports multiple image / document formats
  • Supports multiple sites
  • Two-factor login authentication
  • XML sitemap generation

CMS tools especially for financials

We continually work to improve our CMS, adding new functionality to keep it on the technological front lines. Here are a few examples:

Audit report tool

One feature that banks and credit unions are sure to love is our integrated audit report tool, which tracks not only who made changes to which pages when, but also what those changes were. Records and PDFs are stored for two years.

Time to throw away that binder full of printed web pages!

Easy-update rates tool

Chances are the content you’re most likely to update throughout the week are your rates. While other content management systems require you to make changes on every individual page, our simple CMS makes rate updates quick and easy by uploading a single file that perpetuates throughout the website.

Form builder

Whether you’re designing a landing page for a marketing campaign or creating an online application for a checking account, webforms are a godsend. By selecting the specific template in the CMS, form-builder elements can be added to most any page on your website.

This tool also includes the option to add custom email groups, encryption and Google’s invisible reCAPTCHA to reduce the likelihood of spam email.

Locations tool

Collect all the pertinent information about your branches — address, hours, image and so forth — in a single spreadsheet. Upload the file to our CMS, and let the website do the rest.

Staff manager

For financials that want to add a personal touch to their webpages, we’ve created a tool that lets you upload information about staff members — from portraits, names, and job titles to phone numbers, email addresses and bios. Upload a spreadsheet and select which staff members should appear where in the CMS.

The staff manager is an excellent way to customize calls to action, informing your website visitors exactly whom they will be working with.

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