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Not all content management systems (CMS) are created equal


Here at Brownboots we take pride in providing excellent client support and building websites for banks and credit unions that help make things run smoother. One of the most valuable tools we offer is our simple CMS (proprietary content management system).

Simply put, content management systems are tools that allow clients to easily make changes to their website, without having to know any programming or HTML.

That’s right: you manage your own website. Instead of calling up an offsite “webmaster,” clients using the our simple CMS have the power to make many changes — such as adding a new page, replacing a photo or editing text — on their own.

Of course, ours is just one of the many content management systems out there. But while mass-market systems have many attractive features, they also have some major drawbacks. Here are some ways that BrownBoots’ proprietary CMS has an edge over those available to the general public:

Unique bank website design

Ever wonder why some websites seem to look like every other site out there, almost as though they were created straight from a template? Well, chances are they were! Having control of our own CMS allows BrownBoots’ brilliant graphic designers to create beautiful sites that stand out — and distinguish your site from your competition’s. There are virtually no constraints regarding your site’s appearance because every bank website design is custom-coded!

Website security

Keeping your company’s data secure is imperative. Other popular content management systems have become an attractive target for hackers, spammers and other malicious people. Once a hacker discovers a vulnerability in a particular system, he/she probably will continue to exploit other sites using that CMS. By going with a popular CMS, your site has a much bigger “bull’s-eye” for potential intruders.

CMS updates

When security vulnerabilities are discovered or new features are introduced, updates are required of content management systems. Major updates from popular systems can wreak havoc on a company’s website, especially if the site uses older components or plugins that no longer are compatible with the new system. At BrownBoots, we have full control over when an update is implemented and can plan accordingly. And if we overlooked anything, we’re only a phone call away. The same cannot always be said about the developers of other content management systems.

Performance and personalization

We’ve all visited websites that seem to take forever to load. Oftentimes, this is due to several unnecessary database calls or scripts running in the background. When a CMS is built to support all users, they often include dozens of features that go unused on any given site. Since we personally develop everything from scratch at BrownBoots, this results in much less loading time. It also gives us the opportunity to integrate our system with your company’s back-office systems, like inventory records and accounts.

Our simple CMS is just another way that BrownBoots provides customized tools and solutions for our clients. When it comes a responsive bank website, our CMS gives you exactly what you need — no more, no less.

But wait…there is more!

Over the years, we’ve developed CMS tools especially for our responsive bank websites!

Learn more about our CMS tools.

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