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New credit union website boasts strategic bells and whistles


“New and improved” has become a cliché in marketing, but that doesn’t make those concepts any less cool.

While every freshly launched website is technically “new,” we are especially proud of the Heritage Credit Union website — not only because the site is an improvement over the previous version, but also because the project allowed us to tackle new functionality and explore avenues beyond the credit union website design itself.

sample of a print ad for Heritage Credit UnionBefore diving into the website, Heritage Credit Union invited BrownBoots to collaborate on a branding strategy that included a perception survey to determine how current and prospective customers view Heritage as well as what services are most in demand in order to pinpoint their target demographic.

After analyzing the data, we collectively established the credit union’s point of difference and brand position. With a clear vision of Heritage’s brand, we produced visual concepts to encompass all their credit union marketing materials, providing marketing templates for everything from business cards and letterhead to billboard design to bank print ads.

Oh, and we designed and built the website too…

The new Heritage Credit Union website boasts all of the features that come standard with BrownBoots’ bank website design: our simple CMS (content management system), mobile optimization in the form of responsive web design, social media integration and financial calculators.

Heritage also opted for the website audit reporting tool, which tracks who makes changes to the site in the CMS and creates before-and-after PDFs of the page that are stored for two years, and the easy-update rates tool, which gives them the ability to enter rates for various products in a single place in the CMS. The website will then populate the rates all throughout the site — from the rates page that shows everything to a single line on a specific page, like the auto loans page.

But what pushes beyond “new and improved” and into the “truly innovative” category are two additional features we developed especially for them:

Lead-generation web forms

Because Heritage knew they would need specialized pages for future promotions — landing pages with customized web forms to capture information about existing and potential customers — we took advantage of the platform that hosts the blog to integrate a template that Heritage can customize and link to for future email marketing campaigns.

While BrownBoots’ simple CMS gives our clients the ability to make most changes to content on the website, the lead-generation web forms gave Heritage even more control over their website.


How do you make a smart-looking homepage even smarter? You program it remember which subpage a browser visited last and display a marketing message that corresponds with that service.

For instance, if a prospective customer ends up on the auto loans page and then leaves the website, the next time they visit, the primary marketing message on the homepage will showcase the credit union’s auto loan products.

This remarketing tactic is a subtle but clever way to remind visitors that Heritage has exactly what they’re looking for — even if it happens to be days after they first started shopping around.

We can’t wait to track the data to see how these customized features reap dividends down the road.

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