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New bank website a win-win for our client, their customers


When it came time for TSB Bank to replace their old website, they knew they needed a company that would respond quickly to their requests.

It shouldn’t take a week (or more!) to make simple updates to bank websites. When cookie-cutter bank website design companies drag their feet on changing webpages, it frustrates website administrators. It also frustrates customers.

BrownBoots’ answer: a simple CMS (content management system) that allows web admins to easily and instantly update images and text as well as add and remove pages from the site. (In short, you can manage your own website!)

Then we took it a few steps further by integrating CMS tools like an easy-update rates tool, which gives TSB Bank the ability to change interest rates all throughout the website from a single interface. We also added a website audit reporting tool to document what admin made which changes when.

Of course, the boons of the new aren’t limited to bank staff; TSB Bank’s customers benefit from a solid content strategy that makes the entire site easier to navigate and showcases the many services the bank provides. Four financial calculators and an integrated email marketing signup form makes the bank website even more engaging and useful.

To drive search engine traffic — and potential new customers — to the site, BrownBoots spearheaded SEO (search engine optimization) service in the form of SEO research, SEO recommendations and SEO copywriting.

The result is a bank website design that puts the customer first while making web admins’ lives easier. We call that win-win!

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Don’t you deserve your own custom bank website design from BrownBoots?

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