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Quick tips for reaching your blog’s full potential


Whether you’re just starting to dip your toe into the uncertain waters of social media marketing or preparing to dive headfirst into the vast ocean of online applications, a blog for your bank website is an excellent first step to getting your feet wet.

A blog serves as an easily updated repository for content and an ideal destination for your audience to learn more about your product, services, brand, etc. Regardless of how many or how few channels are in your social media strategy, linking back to your blog is must. After all, you can say only so much in a Facebook post and even less in a tweet.

The term “blog” has been used — and sometimes misused — while describing a wide variety of communication platforms. Simply put, a blog is “a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites” (

Admittedly, that’s a broad definition, but while the nature of the content and the tone can vary greatly from one blog to the next, today’s readers are savvy enough to see through a thinly disguised press-release repository.

Here are a few tips to help your blog reach its full potential:

  • Make it interesting, engaging and, whenever possible, fun. Keep the tone conversational. Don’t talk at people; talk with them.
  • Give them the chance to talk back. Too many marketers (and managers, for that matter) are afraid of negative comments. But criticism opens the door to fixing problems and changing perceptions. Besides, disabling comments blocks positive feedback, too.
  • Up the interactivity further by including contests, polls and other incentives to participate.
  • Give readers the tools to spread the word. A Facebook “Like” button is a good start, but there are many other plug-ins that connect to countless other websites. Check out the “Share” button in the lower right corner, which allows you to share or bookmark this post through 335 different sites.

If you think you can get away with filling your bank blog with bland, one-way announcements, you’re only fooling yourself. The time has come to plug your nose, close your eyes and jump into the true spirit of social media marketing.

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