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Website Analysis Because an ineffectual website is a broken website, we recommend performing a website review quarterly.

Bank website review

The internet is in a constant state of transformation. Your bank website changes every time you make an update, and your competitors’ sites do the same. On top of that operating systems and website browsers are continually updated. All these factors (and more) combine to form a single truth:

If you want to keep your bank website from becoming obsolete, regular website scans are needed to identify issues and discover avenues of improvement. For real-time insights, consider adding Siteimprove to your website.

Components of a BrownBoots website analytics report

While we can customize a website analytics report to include more or less information, we recommend quarterly evaluations that contain four main components.

1. Website analytics: traffic and visitors

Leveraging Google Analytics, we can learn a lot about the people visiting your bank website and their behavior. Once we have that data, we offer suggestions for improving the performance of the website.

Here are some of the statistics we track:

  • Total sessions
  • Sessions by channel
  • Total users
  • Geography of users
  • Total pageviews
  • Most visited pages on desktops and tablets
  • Most visited pages on mobile devices
  • Top referring websites
  • Social landing pages
  • Traffic trends for three product pages
  • Contact page visits and conversions

We can also set up “events” to track which links, buttons and other calls to action get utilized, lending insight into how bank website visitors are navigating from page to page.

2. Website review: issues

How is your bank website performing at the code level? We conduct a website audit to identify issues that may impact your customers’ experience as well as SEO rankings, ranging from high-level warnings down to non-critical notices. Our list of recommendations will spell out which issues require immediate attention.

3. SEO (search engine optimization) services

Our SEO analysis tracks the position of predefined keywords for your bank and up to five competitors. We also track inbound links (links from third-party websites that connect to your bank website and potentially boost SEO). With all of this in mind, we make recommendations to increase the effectiveness of your SEO tactics.

Learn more about search engine optimization.

4. ADA compliance website scan

Websites change, and legislation changes too. This is why ongoing website accessibility evaluation is necessary to ensure your bank website remains in ADA compliance.

Learn more about ADA compliance.

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