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Bank Logos & Branding Services Your brand is more than a logo. What image does your marketing materials convey?

Our philosophy on branding strategy

All of your marketing efforts build from your brand identity. Whether you’re looking for a perception survey and competitor analysis or a from-the-ground-up redesign of your logo and visual identity, we can help you cultivate a brand that speaks to your customers.

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. Bank brochure design, print ads, newsletters, your bank website design — everything that follows builds on your brand identity. And yet your logo is but one expression of your brand.

Our process for a bank brand identity package

BrownBoots can assist with perception surveys, competitor analyses and brand identity exercises as well as spearhead the creative tactics that follow, including the design of bank logos and wordmarks, secondary brand identifiers, taglines and visual style guides to ensure consistency in design treatments across all marketing channels. Here’s how:

Phase 1: Brand Discovery

The first step in any branding process is to learn about you. At our kickoff meeting, we learn about your goals, successes and struggles. We also begin collecting any research already available from your organization. After the kickoff meeting, we start developing surveys to quickly generate meaningful data. BrownBoots also reviews any Google Analytics and/or other website data as well as reviews competitors’ websites and marketing. Finally, we analyze the data. BrownBoots will review the data and summarize the information in a report for distribution internally.

Phase 2: Brand Strategy

Next, we take the information collected in the brand discovery stage and develop the project strategy and brand identity. Using the data collected, we create a brand position, define the audience and develop the brand message. We also look at the graphic interpretation of the brand strategy to determine the look of marketing components to support the promise.

Phase 3: Bank Logos & Marketing Collateral

The final step in our branding process is to deliver the marketing components that support the brand. The range of this step is vast, from writing branding guidelines to designing individual marketing pieces. BrownBoots also considers the capabilities of your organization internally to determine if templates of marketing components can be used to save on costs. If a new bank logo is designed, we can create new business cards, letterhead, envelopes and any other branded deliverables.

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